The Varsity Boys started their five game stretch this week with a tough game against Saint Andrews College. A usually strong SAC team lived up to their reputation with their strong play, but the Blues fought back with equally strong play throughout the game. Two goals in the first period from SAC was a wakeup call for the Blues going into the second. The boys, discourage by the goals took the foot off other pedal and played too defensive rather than trying to put appoints of their own. This tired the Blues out and created an environment of panic among the players and the boys did not bounce back. The opposition netted 3 goals in the second and third period and the Blues could not bounce back. A tough wake up call after a fanatically played montreal tournament the past weekend was a good thing for the boys according to Coach Beaudoin. He also said that a loss is a loss and that what defines a team is how they bounce back from the loss. The team was yearning and excited to play their next opponents, Appleby, Ridley and Nichols in the next few days. Redemption is needed to lift the spirits of the Blues and get back to playing to strong offensive and defensive games they are known for playing.