Wednesday May 17, 2017

The UCC golf team was swallowed up by heat and humidity in the fourth and final tune-up event of the 2017 CISAA golf tour. This week’s event was held at Shanty Bay Golf Club in Barrie, Ontario, hosted by The Bishop Strachan School. The last 24 hours saw temperatures shoot up the thermometer to nearly 30 degrees, which bucked the trend of cold and wet conditions to date this season. Although the boys in blue did not have their best collective scores on the course this week they still earned outstanding team results. Conditions being equal for all participants, many golfers were vocal of their struggles to perform in the muggy weather. The boys are keen to return to form next week, as both the seniors and juniors have qualified for the CISAA Championship and both have legitimate chances at their respective titles.


Senior Scoring Report (Par 72):

Gerry Mei: 80
Tom Reeve: 85
Justin Symons: 85
Jackson Purchas: 85
Total senior team score: 335 (3rd place)

Junior Scoring Report (Par 72):

Darius Vitug: 72
Connor Munro: 79
Ryan Moore: 80
Jason Howe: 84
Total junior team score: 315 (1st place)

The players and coaches look forward to next week’s CISAA Championship, with the action coming from Westview Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario.

Go Blues!
Coaches LaPlante, Beaudoin and Choptiany