Championship Photos

It was a cold wet rainy day for the CISAA Championships. The U12B soccer team was placed in a tough division with the defending Champion UCC U12A team and the TFS. In the first game of the day the A team scored early and it looked like it could be a tough day for the blue shirted heroes. But, the boys fought back and played an aggressive game challenging their opponent taking away their time and space. It was a back and forth tussle with both teams trying to gain some kind of territorial advantage.  After tying the game up, the A team pushed to go ahead once more. But, the boys didn’t give up and were rewarded with the game tying goal. With confidence high the game became a one chance game. Neither team gave an inch and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

There was no time to think as next up was TFS. Again it was a back and forth game with both team’s getting their chances to score. The boys did their best to stay  warm and dry as the weather didn’t let up. The boys played their aggressive style forcing turnovers. Both teams had chances and TFS scored a late goal to tie it up 2-2. The day wasn’t over as we had to await the outcome of the A team Vs. TFS to finalize the standings. The A team played a solid game coming away with a 4-1 victory. That resulted in the B team playing for the Bronze medal game against RSGC.

The players were fortunate that the parent group ordered pizza and drinks for the players in preparation for the Bronze medal game. It also provide enough time to take clothing and put it in the school dryer.

The boys got off to their best start of the day scoring early on RSGC. A confident team took control of the game gaining a territorial advantage and not giving them any time and space. As the rain continued to fall the team came away with  4-1 victory. It was a great day of soccer and the boys should be proud of their undefeated day. Congratualtions to the U12A team successfully defending their title.