(Oct 24th) – In what proved to be a rainy, wet affair on Prep Field West, the U14s took on Royal St. George’s in their last game of the regular season. As expected, the well-coached and spirited Georgians competed hard and would continue to do so throughout the match. Graeme Tremain would open the account for the Blues on a scramble play close in on net, and Justin Jamal, playing in the central midfield position, would follow that up with a lovely left foot strike to the bottom right corner. RSGC would pull one back when the physical and skilled #15 scored on a long run that the Blues defenders were unable to contain. Almost as if on cue, tenacious fullback Robbie Evans would respond by almost single handedly marking talented #15 in what became a series of excellent one on one battles. Evans’s excellent work was duly noted by his teammates at the half, but also by the referee after the game who commented on how skilled his tackling was and how well he marked a larger player. Before the half, industrious winger Josh Gelfand would add another goal, once again in tight on the keeper, and Justin Jamal would score his second with another skilled left boot strike.

The rain came down hard in the second half and the pitch, which was already chewed up, became more difficult to play on. Elias Hammoud and James Bao (off of a nice individual effort from Noah Robinson) would add to the score line. However, Royal St. George’s would score two more, both of which the Blues would like to have had back, but it was not enough and UCC finished with a 6-3 win.

Next up for the Blues is the CISAA semi-final this Saturday, October 28th. The opponent has not yet been determined, but it will undoubtedly be a tightly contested fixture, as playoff games typically are. With the rest of the league hungry to knock off the first place team, the Blues will have to be at their best to be successful.

Game Photos