After several weeks since our last league game, our schedule resumed with a game against Bayview Glen.  We dominated the first half of the game and Robbie, playing defense, opened the scoring with a long, looping goal to make it 1-0.  From the right wing, Jack added in another long shot to make it 2-0.  Jack passed to Harris who scored to make it 3-0.  Karam added another to make it 4-0.  Jack passed another one to Robbie to make it 5-0.  BVG earned a penalty shot to make it 5-1.  Nic added in another to make it 6-1.  Will scored on his own rebound to make it 7-1 and finally, Alex added another to make it a final score of 8-1.  The combination of lots of great shots, good teamwork and passing and lots of saves from Aman in net made it a great game.