Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

UCC’s Varsity Cross-Country Blues returned to Trinity College School for the second time this season to complete in the CISAA Championship Races from Port Hope, Ontario. Conditions for the Championships were favourable with ideal temperatures throughout the day and soft conditions. Nonetheless, the course at Trinity offered a strong challenge as it always does, marked by its signature heartbreak hill which lies 700m from the finish line.

(first place finisher Ethan Mistry)

The Midget boys got our day started in the 1:00pm 4km race which featured 78 runners. Nicholas De Chazal, Ethan Mistry, Luke Pitblado, Max Sipos, and Ian Vyse took to the course for the Blues. The Midget team delivered a wonderful performance as they finished in 2nd place and will be traveling to Petawawa to compete at OFSAA! Ethan Mistry won the race with a time of 15:25 (3:51 km pace), finishing 27 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Ethan has won every race that he has entered throughout his first two years at the Upper School. Max Sipos and Luke Pitblado continued to build on their strong seasons and both have played leading roles towards getting this group to OFSAA. Max and Luke finished in 6th and 15th with times of 16:38 and 17:35 respectively. Perhaps most importantly, it was the depth runners on this team who finished with strong enough performances to place their team ahead of the nearest competitors. Ian Vyse delivered another outstanding performance in his second career Cross-Country race and Nicholas de Chazal ran hard and admirably in his first scoring opportunity. Congratulations to our Midget boys on their OFSAA qualification!

(Midget boys Max Sipos, Nicholas De Chazal and Ian Vyse)

Next up were the Junior boys who raced in the 2:15pm 5km race which featured 88 runners. Christopher Adolphe, Noah Habib, Shaan Hooey, Skylar Kim, Robbie Knowles, Hudson Leon, Samir Malick, Ayomide Maxwell, Bassem Sandeela, Alex Xiang and Yanshen Zhou took to the course for the Blues. All of the Junior boys ran to the best of their abilities on this day and delivered the expected performances that could get them to OFSAA. All of these young men deserve to be recognized for the commitment and effort put forth throughout the entire season and in this final race. Halfway through the race all runners were looking strong and the team was poised for a finish near the top of the table. Unfortunately, our team’s top runner Shaan Hooey was unable to finish the race due to injury. Additionally, our team’s second runner Christopher Noh was unable to compete due to injury. The boys deserved better as they fell just short of OFSAA this season and we all look forward to future success in 2018. This team won CISAA last year in their Midget season and their team camaraderie is second to none. Undoubtedly, they will be back strong and competitive next year. From an individual standpoint, Ayomide Maxwell delivered a masterful performance finishing in 8th place with a time of 19:22 (3:53 km pace). Ayomide will be traveling to OFSAA as an individual qualifier!

(Ayomide Maxwell – OFSAA bound)

(the start of the Senior Championship race)

Lastly, it was our Senior boys who took to the course in the 3:45pm 6km race which featured 157 runners. William Blair, Vlad Chindea, Zachary Dawood, Zhouen Dai, Sammy Fleisher, Henry Gage, Massimo Giannone, Simon Guo, Aidan Harradence, Neel Ismail, Jeremy Kofman, Victor Li, James Liao, Will McCreadie, Michael McGovern, Chris Munn, Andrew O’Reilly, Jack Tanenbaum and Liangchi Zhou took to the course for the Blues. The Senior team was in a tense match-up with Royal St. George’s College throughout the entire 6km making for some tense and exciting moments. The Senior team delivered their best performance of the season in the biggest race, and following a 2nd place finish they will being joining their teammates at OFSAA! Will McCreadie ran his heart out and led this team to Petawawa with a 7th place finish in a time of 22:01 (3:40 km pace). Andrew O’Reilly truly rose to the occasion and delivered his best performance of the year with a 10th pace finish in a time of 22:31 (3:45 km pace). Henry Gage and Liangchi Zhou provided elite level depth, running beautiful races which put this team over the top and booked their journey to OFSAA. Henry and Liangchi finished in 14th and 17th with times of 23:03 (3:50 km pace) and 23:23 (3:53 km pace) respectively. The leadership of the Senior boys has carried the entire program to a successful and rewarding 2017 season. Congratulations to our Senior boys on their OFSAA qualification!

(Senior boys Andrew O’Reilly, Liangchi Zhou, Will McCreadie and Henry Gage)

UCC will be taking 11 runners to Petawawa, Ontario to compete in the 2017 OFSAA Cross-Country Championships on November 3-4, 2017. Update to follow.

(UCC’s 2017 Varsity Cross-Country Team)

Congratulations to all runners on a great 2017 CISAA season,

Coaches Crawford, Choptiany, Miskew & Williams