Varsity Cricket concluded their season with their award presentations, celebrating what is likely a peak in performance for a squad that has developed with departing captain’s Faiz Khwaja’s tenure on the team. When at full strength, no team has come close to beating them this season. The four CISAA games and the season-concluding challenge game against the Durham Schools Select XI were all won comfortably. During the inaugural Cricket Week, UCC teams composed of a mixture of veterans and inexperienced players competed with, and defeated, some very good teams. Fielding standards were at an all time high and the batting took on a more confident and attacking approach. The bowling too, while relatively inconsistent, was outstanding at times.

As we say farewell to out captain and the class of 2018, they are leaving a core of strong players and some promising young players to move forward to 2019.

CISAA Season Results and Stats:

The Cricket Awards for 2018 (as described by the coach at assembly):

First, I can’t say enough about Faiz as an athlete and a person, he has been the latest in a line of very classy captains; he wins our Most Valuable Player award.

For our batting award, I want to commend Rob Dean on running him close, but Faiz takes the award for the second time

The bowling award, for the second year in a row, goes to: Akash Kennedy Ganesh

The fielding award goes to our relaxed, but highly effective, wicket keeper. Tathagat Jaiswal. Great hands!

Our best All-rounder was our opening bowler but we could always rely on him score runs when we needed them: Lachlan Rigby

Grace Church Young Player: Dhruv Sharma

Most Improved: Faizan Haider