Excitement, chemistry, hard work, and fun are just a few words to describe the end of the Varsity Blues first tournament this past weekend in Montreal Quebec. With the first 6-3 win over OHA on the Friday morning, the Blues followed the trends from exhibition games from the weeks prior to the tournament with strong offensive presence and solid protection of their defensive zone. A slower first period with only one goal coming from the Blues was a test the teams ability to bounce back from a slower than normal start which was followed by five beautiful goals in the second period. The first win motivated the Blues to continue their hard work on and off the ice and the chemistry and excitement in the games to follow against Everest and Ulysses was contagious and felt by both the fans and players. It was evident from the play in the round robin that the teams the Blues faced were at the true level of play that they would face throughout the year, yet they never shied away and kept the pace steady throughout the tournament. Chemistry was built with amazing passing plays in the offensive zone leading to beautiful goals and strong physical play in the neutral and defensive zones which gave the Blues the upper hand against their opponents. A big 5-0 win against Montreal based team Le Grasset in the semi finals followed the trend the Blues maintained throughout the tournament. Although the Blues could not pull off the victory in the finals, losing a hard fought 3-2 battle against the home team Ulysse, both Coach Beaudoin and the boys were proud of the work that was put into the games played at the tournament. Honourable mentions are necessary for the Blues goaltending core of Joe Howe and Bryan Landsberger who gave the players chances to win games through their amazing gameplay and stellar saves keeping the puck out of their net and letting the players keep momentum in the offensive zones of the opponents. Furthermore, a strong fan base from the parents of the boys created a home team like environment motivating the boys and creating a contagiously exciting atmosphere.