With unsurpassed athletic facilities, a multi-faceted approach to coaching and talented boys, UCC has helped produce athletes who are consistently awarded scholarships to top Canadian and U.S. post-secondary schools. Our graduates are NHL players, Olympic medalists and professionals in North American and European sports leagues.


UCC strives for excellence in all aspects of school life, and this includes athletics. blue army square That’s why we offer an inter-school athletic opportunity to all students from Grades 4 through 7 every term. Boys who continue on with competitive play at the Upper School train with one another under the guidance and mentorship of experienced coaches.

Our record speaks for itself: We’ve had championship wins across a wide variety of sports at the inter-school, provincial and national level. We help all boys realize their athletic potential including those aiming to graduate on to collegiate and professional competition.

Our facilities include the following:

  • Two indoor hockey arenas (Olympic and NHL)
  • Two indoor tennis courts
  • Four outdoor tennis courts
  • Baseball diamond
  • Four softball diamonds
  • Six soccer fields
  • Cricket field
  • Four basketball/volleyball courts
  • Eight badminton courts
  • SAS fitness centre
  • Sports injury clinic
  • Football/lacrosse/rugby artificial turf field
  • Indoor pool
  • 400-metre, all-weather track
  • Norval Outdoor School, our 400-acre nature sanctuary, 50 kilometres northwest of Toronto