By David Grossman

When he’s not throwing a baseball or making a movie, count on Drew Taylor to be focusing on a career in the world of medicine.
Admitting to have always had a fond interest in medicine, Taylor is juggling a variety of interests and now spends much of his time as an analyst in medical technology and evaluating hedge funds.

But Hollywood remains in the dreams of the Upper Canada College grad who, when he wasn’t focused on academics, played baseball pitching for the Blues and was a team MVP. He was selected a high school all-star by the Toronto Star, attracted major university attention and later played pro with the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies organizations.

“It has been very interesting and it‘s true that I’d like to make a Hollywood movie one day since I have had already had some success [as a director],” says Taylor, referring to winning five Canadian screen awards and was thrilled to have produced a documentary about the chronicles of his father’s path from World Series pitcher to Blue Jays doctor.”

“The movie about my father was something really special to me and I’ll also never forget the one about Ken Taylor, Canada’s former ambassador to Iran, which was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. Every kid dreams about playing pro baseball and it was something I achieved. Now, I am fortunate to work in the medical field.”

Taylor knows that having a multitude of different experiences, and doing so well in each, is rare.

“While at UCC, I was able to participate in sports, the arts and academics,” says Taylor. “They all had an impact on my life and influenced me a great deal. You get immersed in a culture at UCC that you can be excellent at more than one thing.”

He has a bachelor of science in biology from the University of Michigan and a master of science in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School. Working towards a career in orthopedic surgery, he’s also pursuing a doctorate in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto.

Taylor made his National Collegiate Athletic Association baseball start at Georgia Tech, attended the College World Series and transferred to the University of Michigan, where he won an award as Michigan’s most valuable pitcher in his first season.