A perfect season. It’s an impressive accomplishment in any sport, and that is exactly what the Under 14 Prep and Under 12A softball teams achieved in 2014. The Under 14 Prep team demonstrated solid hitting, dynamite defense and terrific teamwork to win the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) championship. It was the Grade 7 team’s third consecutive championship win.
The Under 12A team also capped its outstanding run with a 20-3 victory over rival Sterling Hall in the finals. The Grade 6 team has now won six consecutive CISAA title.
In addition to the Under 14 Prep and Under 12A teams, UCC also has an Under 14 Upper team and two other Under 12 teams (one in Grade 5 and one in Grade 6). Their bats also came out swinging on their way to terrific seasons.
After playing softball many boys later step up to the plate for varsity baseball. While the size of the ball and bat are a bit different, both require pitching, hitting, fielding and running skills, making it a natural progression for many of our athletes.