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U16 boys badminton lose a tough game against top Crescent

The U16 badminton team lost a tough game to top ranked Crescent school by a score of 4 to 1. Andy Wang and Shafiq Qaadri lost to some young, yet highly athletic and experienced singles players in first and second singles. Brian Tu lost to Crescent’s third singles player, who, to go an idea of the depth of Crescent’s team this year, was last year’s first singles. The first doubles team of Sharavanan and Chris Read More

U16 Badminton team wins first match

The U16 badminton team won its first match of the year, beating St. Andrew’s 3:2 on April 22. Well done!

u16 badminton loses first game of the year

The U16 badminton team lost their first game of the year, falling 3 matches to 2 to St. Mike’s. While first singles Andy Wang, and second singles, Shafiq Qaadri won both their matches, Sharavanan (third singles) and our first doubles team of Joseph and Dustin, both lost to excellent opponents. In a tough, close, rubber match, the second doubles team of Conrad Dingle and Matthew Sun lost narrowly, 22-20, and 21-18.

U16 badminton loses close game to RSGC

The U16 badminton team continued their recent trend of playing well yet losing by the smallest of margins as they lost their third close game today by a score of 3:2. Once again, our first (Andy) and second (Sharavanan) singles won their matches easily. Matthew lost a close game in third singles, while Dustin and Joseph (first doubles) and Noah and Matthew (second singles) also lost in well played matches.